The right atmosphere at all times, a formal or classy dinner, a quick lunch or a picnic, a special occasion. Napkins, tablecloths, runners, all Deni products always combine elegance, style and quality.

The splendid patterns, decorations and solid colors blend perfectly with each other, giving an elegant, refined and always new table. Deni offers two solutions of material: airlaid paper, for a sensation and appearance similar to fabric and cellulose, a classic essential, functional and economic material.


A complete series of tablecloths and napkins, in different designs and colors, entirely made of AIRLAID paper. This line replaces the traditional fabrics of the table with a practical alternative, maintaining at the same time an elegant and modern style thanks to the unique characteristics of the AIRLAID paper.

AIRLAID features:

RESISTANCE: even if wet it is much more resistant than traditional paper materials
ABSORPTION: produced without using water it is able to absorb 6 times its weight
HYGIENE: tested and widely used for the production of hygiene products (diapers and sanitary napkins)
PURITY: made with virgin long-fiber cellulose
APPEARANCE: similar to elegant and refined fabric


A complete selection of tablecloths and napkins, in different colors, designs and patterns, made in traditional tissue and paper.
This traditional line preserves the beauty of designs and colors, offering a more convenient solution for every type of table.
An essential, functional and economic range consisting of exclusive cellulose.


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